All of our Wood & Faux Wood Blinds have the following features:


  • Tightest Closure
    Norman’s exclusive system ensures slats lay flatter and tighter for the long haul, with no tugging required. Plus slats won’t fall out, ensuring years of trouble-free use.
  • Less Light Leakage
    SmartPrivacy offers perfect slat alignment and tighter, flatter closure for less light leakage between slats. For a darker room, less glare, and a better night’s sleep!
  • Ultimate In Privacy
    The advanced patented SmartPrivacy™ construction means you won’t find rout holes that can compromise privacy.
  • Child & Pet Safe
    Every year, many injuries occur because children and pets get tangled up in the cords of blinds. Our patented device is a foolproof solution to provide a safe environment for your family.


The only way to build a blind that lasts is to use the finest materials and hardware components from top to bottom and to employ the most advanced manufacturing practices from start to finish. Durability and reliability are vital in any window covering. As industry experts, we know how important it is to maintain top performance and protect your investment.


When it comes to Norman® custom blinds, there is no need to compromise quality or style for price. Norman® Blinds deliver the same craftsmanship, fashion and value that you receive in Norman® Shutters. You will also find many unique patented features that can only be found in a Norman® blind, such as SmartPrivacy™, safety cord release device, Insta-Lock™.


The magic and wonder of Phoenix Wood, our environmentally conscious and distinctively grained wood can now be found in premium Normandy Hardwood Blinds.

Selected for its distinctive grain, resilience and sustainable characteristics, the materials in Normandy Hardwood Blinds are a portrait of not only enduring, but also responsible luxury.


An environmentally responsible choice with finesse. The finely grained timber from the tree also known as the “Tree of Eternity”, offers rich, consistent wood characteristics and unparalleled resilience. It also captures more carbon compared to other trees, and regenerates from the stump to be ready for harvest in 7-8 years.